Choosing the right Jet Ski for the rider

The size of the Jet Ski is important to consider Please bear in mind that a smaller, lightweight jet ski may not be better for a less experienced rider as larger models have more stability, which is helpful for beginners. Remember Jet Skis are extremely fast.

Where you’ll ride your new Jet Ski

Are you going to use your jet ski in lakes and rivers or in saltwater? Salt water significantly accelerates the process of PWC corrosion. Closed-loop cooling systems like the ones used by Sea-Doo work better in saltwater conditions. They use surrounding water to cool the engine but the water never directly enters the engine itself.

Don’t Forget Your First Jet Ski Service

The first service that your Jet Ski has is the most important service to ensure everything is working correctly. The first Jet Ski service will remove metal micro shards that the new engine generates as the engine is still breaking in.