Jet Ski Tips

How to ride a Jet Ski

Slowly push the throttle so that you begin to move forward. It is recommended that you stay at around 5-10mph until you are further away from the shore.

Riding Wakes

Once you are experienced and feel comfortable riding a jet ski, you can begin jumping wakes. Learning the basics of jumping wakes is among the best parts when it comes to riding a jet ski. Remember you should take things slow. Don’t go too fast to jump a wake because if you do, the jet ski will push through the wave and not jump it. Jumping wakes correctly takes time and a lot of practice.

We can help you choose the right Jet Ski

We can advise what would be the right Jet Ski for you, including top speed and acceleration, fuel consumption, purchase prices, and maintenance costs

Manufacturers of Jet Skis

The 3 major manufacturers of Jet Skis are Sea-Doo, Yamaha and Kawasaki and, they produce many different models.

Supercharged Jet Skis

These Jet Skis are much faster. These are the models of supercharged Jet Skis Kawasaki , Sea-Doos, and WaveRunner Jet Skis: Sea-Doo GTR 230, Sea-Doo GTX 230, Sea-Doo Wake Pro 230, Sea-Doo RXP-X 300, Sea-Doo RXT-X 300, Sea-Doo GTX 300, Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300, Yamaha FX SVHO, Yamaha FX Cruiser SVHO, Yamaha FX Limited SVHO, Yamaha GP1800R SVHO, Kawasaki Ultra 310X, Kawasaki Ultra 310LX, Kawasaki Ultra 310LX-S

Jet Ski is filling up with water

If your Jet Ski is filling up with water you must first check if it is filling up when running or when it is stationary sitting on the water. Never use a Jet Ski when it has a water leak because it can fill your entire hull with water and cause the Jet Ski to sink and the motor will fill with water.

Avoid abrupt movements on a Jetski

If you make a turn too quickly you make cause the Jet Ski to capsize. Make sure to turn the Jet Ski gradually until you are familiar with how the jet ski handles.

How fast can a Jet Ski go?

The speed of Jet Ski depends on the make and model. Some Jet Skis have very fast acceleration and top speeds in excess of 70mph

Jet Ski Rope is Wrapped Around the Main Shaft

It is not a good idea to ride across a ski rope when riding because this can cause major damage to your Jet Ski. The intake grate on a jet ski is intended to take in large amounts of water at force and it also has the ability to pull in a rope and other materials. The rope will begin to wrap around the shaft causing it to bend or damage the pump hull.

What are the controls on a jet ski?

The controls on a jet ski usually include a throttle, steering handles and a brake or reverse lever.

Tools for your Jetski

You may need the following tools to maintain your Jet Ski: 3/8 Drive socket set, wrench, screwdriver, torch, long metal rod, tow rope and shackle, jump starter, anchor and rope, water and spare life jacket, fire extinguisher.

What brand of Jet Ski?

Many people are Yamaha Jet Ski fans. Some will prefer to ride a Sea-Doo Jet Ski. Some prefer a Kawasaki Jet Ski. Do your research and find the best Jet Ski for you with power, speed, size, and cost.

Lifejacket and Safety lanyard

It is important to choose a lifejacket which is the correct size for your body and weight to maximise its efficiency. It’s also important to have a lanyard attached to the jet ski, this lanyard will either go around your wrist or be attached to your lifejacket. This is known as the kill switch and this lanyard will cut the engine in case you fall from the jet ski.

Reverse and Brake Repairs

We can help to repair your electronic brake and reverse system on your Jet Ski. Having a good quality battery is important for your electronic brake and reverse system. The brakes on a jet ski are not the same as your brakes on a car, it is actually the same as putting the jet ski in reverse.

Turning a Jet Ski

When turning, maintain a steady speed and lean toward the direction that you wish to turn to so you avoid the jet ski capsizing, try to keep the weight on the jet ski centred and maintain balance when you are turning.

Dents And Scuffs

Fibreglass repair is not always expensive and we can help with this. We can also repair scratches and damage to bodywork.

How to ride a Jet Ski

Slowly push the throttle so that you begin to move forward. It is recommended that you stay at around 5-10mph until you are further away from the shore.