Jet Ski is filling up with water

If your Jet Ski is filling up with water you must first check if it is filling up when running or when it is stationary sitting on the water. Never use a Jet Ski when it has a water leak because it can fill your entire hull with water and cause the Jet Ski to […]

Jet Ski Rope is Wrapped Around the Main Shaft

It is not a good idea to ride across a ski rope when riding because this can cause major damage to your Jet Ski. The intake grate on a jet ski is intended to take in large amounts of water at force and it also has the ability to pull in a rope and other […]

Tools for your Jetski

You may need the following tools to maintain your Jet Ski: 3/8 Drive socket set, wrench, screwdriver, torch, long metal rod, tow rope and shackle, jump starter, anchor and rope, water and spare life jacket, fire extinguisher.

Reverse and Brake Repairs

We can help to repair your electronic brake and reverse system on your Jet Ski. Having a good quality battery is important for your electronic brake and reverse system. The brakes on a jet ski are not the same as your brakes on a car, it is actually the same as putting the jet ski […]

Dents And Scuffs

Fibreglass repair is not always expensive and we can help with this. We can also repair scratches and damage to bodywork.

Jet Ski Paint Protection

A jet ski will fade over the years. Fibreglass protectant and vinyl protectant will reduce this but the most important thing to do is keep your jet ski covered when you are not using it.

Jet Skis Need Correct Fuel

If you have a supercharged Jet Ski, then you will need to run premium petrol. If you don’t have a supercharged Jet Ski run regular fuel. Jet skis that are most damaged from ethanol are the 2-strokes with carbs and fuel lines. We can advise you on how to keep your Jet Ski engine performing […]

Jet Skis Pull in Debris

Jet Skis suck up the debris that gets in front of the pump of the Jet Ski such as tow rope with sticks and rocks. Most people forget about the tow rope and the rope gets stuck in the pump. It may not always damage the Jet Ski, but we can help to unblock the […]

Jet Ski Spark Plugs

Jet Skis use high-performance engines and will need spark plugs replaced regularly. Use the NGK Spark Plugs that the manufacturer suggests. The special tip and coating ones are not necessary and the basic NGK are the best to use.

Jet Ski Battery Problems

Jet Ski batteries like any lead-acid battery will deteriorate if you don’t use them for months. This can occur during the colder months when the Jet Ski isn’t ridden. To solve this problem you should keep the battery trickle charging on a smart charger or a solar charger. You may need a new battery every […]