Tools for your Jetski

You may need the following tools to maintain your Jet Ski: 3/8 Drive socket set, wrench, screwdriver, torch, long metal rod, tow rope and shackle, jump starter, anchor and rope, water and spare life jacket, fire extinguisher.

What brand of Jet Ski?

Many people are Yamaha Jet Ski fans. Some will prefer to ride a Sea-Doo Jet Ski. Some prefer a Kawasaki Jet Ski. Do your research and find the best Jet Ski for you with power, speed, size, and cost.

Lifejacket and Safety lanyard

It is important to choose a lifejacket which is the correct size for your body and weight to maximise its efficiency. It’s also important to have a lanyard attached to the jet ski, this lanyard will either go around your wrist or be attached to your lifejacket. This is known as the kill switch and […]

Reverse and Brake Repairs

We can help to repair your electronic brake and reverse system on your Jet Ski. Having a good quality battery is important for your electronic brake and reverse system. The brakes on a jet ski are not the same as your brakes on a car, it is actually the same as putting the jet ski […]

Turning a Jet Ski

When turning, maintain a steady speed and lean toward the direction that you wish to turn to so you avoid the jet ski capsizing, try to keep the weight on the jet ski centred and maintain balance when you are turning.

Dents And Scuffs

Fibreglass repair is not always expensive and we can help with this. We can also repair scratches and damage to bodywork.

How to ride a Jet Ski

Slowly push the throttle so that you begin to move forward. It is recommended that you stay at around 5-10mph until you are further away from the shore.

Jet Ski Paint Protection

A jet ski will fade over the years. Fibreglass protectant and vinyl protectant will reduce this but the most important thing to do is keep your jet ski covered when you are not using it.

Starting your Jetski

Make sure you are seated comfortably with your hands on the handlebars and feet securely in the footrests of the jet ski then use the key attached to your lanyard to turn on the ignition of the jet ski at the switch.

Should you lean into a turn on a jet ski?

It is important to understand that when turning a jet ski, you should lean your body in the direction of the turn. This will help to balance the jet ski and maintain control during the turn. It is essential to practice proper body positioning and control techniques to ensure safe and comfortable operation of the […]