Be Prepared when you use your Jet Ski

You need to make sure that you have enough fuel for the day and a life jacket readily available. You need to know where the throttle is located as well as the emergency shut off. You have to connect the emergency shutoff lanyard to yourself just in case you fall off. If your jet ski […]

Jet Ski is not accelerating fast enough or is slow

You should check the intake grate for ropes, rocks, and other debris which can get caught in the grate make sure you are not using a learner key because this will restrict the RPM and top speed of your jet ski. A worn wear ring or impeller can also cause cavitation and reduced top-end speed […]

Jet Ski Won’t Start

This is usually a sign of a weak battery. There is normally enough voltage in the battery to turn over the Jet Ski, but not enough to ignite the fuel. Use a battery tender when the Jet Ski is not being used to prevent this. This will keep the battery at peak charge and ready […]